Monday, January 19, 2015

"Facsimile of an Ancient Heraldic Manuscript"

I clearly don't have enough free time to go out and scour the internet the way that I'd like to.  (Having a full-time job really interferes with my pursuing my hobbies!  I really need to win the lottery, or have a rich uncle die and leave me everything, or get some kind of large monetary windfall, so that I wouldn't have to work and could stay home and look at and look for heraldry all day, every day, like I'd like to do.)  Nonetheless, there are a lot of other folks out there looking around for stuff, and sometimes when they run across something good, they'll post it where I can see it (in the time that I do have for web surfing), and then I can share it with you, and we can all bask in the glory of finding, and downloading, another really cool heraldic resource.

In this specific instance, a link was posted on Facebook to a digital copy of a book entitled Facsimile of an Ancient Heraldic Manuscript Emblazoned by Sir David Lyndsay of the Mount Lyon King of Arms 1542, published in 1822, engraved by W.H. Lizars.

And you know, just from seeing the title page, that it's going to be a really great book for heraldry.

It is, in fact, a copy of the roll of arms known today as the Lindsay of the Mount Roll. It contains 400 Scottish coats of arms, and is a seminal document in the history of Scottish heraldry.

Here's one of the pages from the facsimile, showing Stewart Earl of Moray, Montgomery Earl of Eglinton, Cunningham Earl of Glencairn, and Kennedy Earl of Cassilis.

So if you have an interest in Scottish heraldry, or 16th Century heraldic manuscripts, or just like looking a drawings of coats of arms, feel free to drop on over to the website of the Internet Text Archive at and check it out for yourself.

And give thanks to the many fine folks on the internet who run across such things and share their findings with the rest of us.

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