Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Light, But Accurate, Article on Acquiring a Coat of Arms

With the annual publication of the New Year's Honours list in Great Britain, The Mirror took it upon itself to let its readers know that even though they might have not made that list (the overall odds of being so honored by the Queen in any given year being only 1 in 64,000), they estimate that one out of every three adult Britons is eligible to acquire a coat of arms.

And the article briefly goes through who is eligible, lists some of the things you might have on your coat of arms (e.g., a kangaroo, "hedgehogs, computer components, personal mottos"), and does mention the "one hitch" to getting a coat of arms: "you have to pay £5,250 for a new coat of arms."  They also note that "you should really leave the specifics to the herald. And less is more when it comes to cramming references in, recommends the College of Arms: 'Simplicity and boldness make for the best heraldic design and it is a mistake to seek the inclusion of too many references.'"

It's a nice article, lighthearted in tone but accurate in its information.  You can find it on-line on the website of The Mirror at

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