Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some Educational Non-Heraldry

So I was reading the local newspaper the other day and ran across an advertisement for a "one day university."  I didn't read a whole lot further, so I'm not entirely sure of the concept, because their shield-shaped logo is what really caught my eye.

It's not even an attempt at heraldry.  It's just a classical Greek portico issuant from base with the words "One Day University."  The only thing at all heraldic about it is the fact that it's on a shield shape.

I have no idea why they decided to choose to place their logo on a shield shape; there are so many other possibilities that are available.  But, no, an heraldic heater shield is what they chose.

I must say, I really don't understand the need for educational institutions to place their logos on a shield shape.  It really doesn't seem to add anything to the logo, but so very many of them, even things that aren't real educational institutions in the usual sense like  One Day University, seen to feel they have to use something that looks like heraldry.

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