Monday, March 24, 2014

"Garter College of Arms, in London." Say What??

A recent (March 7, 2014) article in the Basingstoke Gazette gives some background on a new devisal of a badge (mistakenly described as a "crest") for the 433 (Basingstoke) Squadron Air Cadets.

It's all very interesting and all that, but the statement that really caught my eye was the information that the badge was "created with the help of Garter College of Arms, in London."

Really?  The "Garter College of Arms?"  ("In London," like there are several scattered about the country, and so the one being referenced here had to be specifically identified.)  While I might understand if a local newspaper here in the States made an error like this, I really expect better of even regional papers in England.  "Garter College of Arms" my Aunt Myrtle.  Harrumph!

You can find the complete article on-line at the website of the Basingstoke Gazette at

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