Thursday, March 27, 2014

Personal Heraldry Informed By Lifestyle

In a recent on-line discussion about the high fat, high calorie, high cholesterol diets of just a few generations ago (and let it be noted that the people who ate those diets didn't sit at a desk all day, ride a car home, and sit in front of the TV or computer all night like we now do!), one commenter, Grla, said:

"Long before it became fashionable, my mother became suspicious of all the artificial substitutes and additives making their way into our food supply. She cooked with real ingredients, purchased fresh whenever possible, and served lots and lots of vegetables and greens with every meal. Why? Well, that was the preferred diet of her notably long-lived ancestors as they farmed New England's rocky soil for close to 300 years, and if it had worked so well for them, how bad could it be? She believed most of the health problems researchers were linking to the consumption of real eggs, real butter and cheese, were more likely attributable to the sedentary lifestyle of modern suburban living. If she'd ever had to adopt a personal coat of arms, her motto would undoubtedly have been 'Eat your vegetables, then go ride a bike,' and her crest a dairy cow."

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