Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Dallas Corporate “Heraldry”

As I’ve often mentioned in this blog, “you can find heraldry everywhere!”  In this specific instance, it was in an emailed letter to my boss on which I was copied (as a part of my “day job.”  Something’s got to help pay the monthly mortgage, and so far at least, heraldry hasn’t been it).

The email was from someone at the Dallas Country Club, a golf course and social club in the city of Highland Park, Texas.  (Highland Park is what we here call an “island city,” because it is completely surrounded by the city of Dallas, making it look like an “island” on a map.)

Anyway, they use a coat of arms as their logo, and it was attached as a graphic in the email.  They also use it extensively on their website ( and presumably in all of their printed literature.  It’s nice to seem them using something that looks something like a coat of arms, though I wish it were a better design heraldically.

If I were to try to blazon it, it would be something like Argent on a bend vert between ten bezants (3, 2, 2, and 3) the letters D, C, and C palewise argent, a bordure vert.  Or we could blazon the field as Argent bezanty.  Either way, it’s "metal on metal" and thus not good contrast.

Still, as a corporate logo, it’s not a bad design, and it’s nice to see a company actually using theirs.  Many companies adopt an heraldic logo and you have to hunt around to even find it at all.  The DCC makes use of theirs on everything.


  1. Are you sure those aren't torteaus? They show up as kinda red on my screen, and they don't match the Or of the mantling.

  2. In the two images (both pretty small, I admit) that I downloaded and looked at, they appear in color to be very close to the mantling and scroll, sort of a tan color. Could they be torteaux? Well, they _could_ be a lot of things -- we're looking a what is really a very low-resolution image designed by folks who were creating a logo and not really heraldry. Like the old Gahan Wilson cartoon that stated "I paint what I see," I just blazon what I see as best as I can make it out. Could I be mistaken? Oh, yes. And have been on any number of occasions, though I do believe that as I gain in experience, I make fewer mistakes than I have in the past.