Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photos of Heraldry

I don't often (indeed, I'm not certian that I ever have) suggest that you go to a website where you have to pay to download pictures of heraldry.  But I'm going to make a rare exception and do so today.

World of Stock: Stock Photos and Prints is a website that has, and sells, high-quality photos of just about everything under the sun.  And doing a search on their site for "heraldry" will bring you to this page:

Now, I'm not suggesting that you go there to buy pictures of coats of arms, but just browsing through the photographs they have there (and you can click on the thumbnail images to view a larger version) will give you an appreciation of the range of some of the best heraldic art around.  They have some truly wonderful photos there.  Please feel free to drop by and see what they have.  You might see something that will brighten your day.

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