Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Heraldry in the News!

Well, it's mentioned in a news story, anyway.

An item in the Victoria News (vicnews.com) quotes 86 year old Bob Choma pointing out that "There are no lions or unicorns in Canada as depicted in [Canada's coat of arms]."  Which is true (unless you count mountain lions), but misses the point that there are no lions or unicorns in Great Britain, either, but they appear in and supporting Canada's coat of arms because lions appear in England and Scotland's coat of arms and unicorns support Scotland's arms.

I don't normally make a practice of making a comment on a webstie to a news story, but I just couldn't stop myself in this instance.

The full story (most of which is not about heraldry at all) and my comment on Mr. Choma's observation can be found on-line at http://www.bclocalnews.com/vancouver_island_south/victorianews/news/119220774.html

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