Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heraldry in the News!

A February 5, 2010 article in the Perthshire Advertiser notes the return of "a long-lost heraldic shield", the arms of Lord Glenlyon (later the sixth Duke of Atholl) who had participated in the tournament organized by the Earl of Eglinton.  I've posted before (last September at and about the rediscovery and sale of eight of the Eglinton shields.  Now, it seems that one of them (see image, below) is making its way home, to Blair Castle, seat of the Atholl dukes.
The full article can be found on-line here:

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  1. As a former high school teacher, am sure I've been called that, but withour the Ducal title.
    Would have loved to have this shield in my classroom--some great tie-ins here.