Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heraldry for Sale

The Bank of England Accounts Department Building, built in the 1950s and demolished in 2007 to make way for a new glass fronted building, had a lot of decorative sculpture on it, much of which was heraldic. It is now possible to buy (if you have sufficient money; alas, I do not) many of these remarkable sculptures. Pictures and additional information (including the names of the sculptors and the specific dates of the sculptures) can be found on the website of Westland London at

All of these works are very nice, and some have an extra heraldic “cool” factor: the dragons (sejant erect) holding a shield with the sword from the arms of London on them; the unicorn (again, sejant erect) holding a shield with the crest from the English Royal arms; a keystone with the crest of the Scottish Royal arms, just to mention a few.

The site is well worth visiting just to admire the artwork, which is first rate. And if you should happen to have the desire, and the money, you might be able to purchase a really great piece of history and heraldic artwork.

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