Monday, November 2, 2009

Yet Another Logo Rears Its Head

And this one has the audacity to use a standard heater shield. Why? According to the website of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, “The shield design is reminiscent of the tradition of many universities with rich and distinguished histories.” Gosh, if they wanted something in “the tradition of many universities with rich and distinguished histories,” why didn’t they just obtain a coat of arms, like those other universities do?

And how did they come up with this particular design? They hired a “branding firm” to create a new “logo family” for the school. The new “logo family” is the result of “six months of exploration, development, and refinement.” Alas, they don’t say how much they paid for that six months worth of “exploration, development, and refinement,” but I bet it was plenty. Sometimes I think I must be in the wrong business. Heck, I can develop logos with equal amounts of “meaning” and cool graphics, and probably crank ‘em out in a lot less than six months and at much less expense. Oh, yeah, those “logos” are really designs for coats of arms. Foolish me. Maybe I should call them “logos” and take up to six months to create them and charge a whole lot more than I currently do for research and/or design. Then I, too, could be a “branding firm” instead of just an “academic herald.” Hmm. Let me think about that. No.

To see all of the various members of this “logo family,” in three-color (green-blue-purple), one-color (blue), and black and white versions, you can go to the UNCSA’s Logo and Brand Identity page at:

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