Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just A Reminder

What with the holidays coming up and all, I thought I'd take a minute to remind you - or to tell you if you weren't already aware of it - that I have a commercial website, Appleton Studios, that sells new (including a couple of reprints of older books) and used heraldry books, heraldic screensavers, heraldic needlework charts, and even some PowerPoint programs that serve as self-paced heraldic educational programs.  You can find all of these, and some other stuff, by going to and clicking on "Heraldic Arts" and/or the apple in the shield, which will take you to a page of links for these items.  Or, if you'd rather go to the pages directly, new heraldry books and reprints of old heraldry books can be found at, used (and remaindered, like new) heraldry books can be found at, the PowerPoints and screensavers are at, and the needlework charts can be found at  (There are also some free 3"x3" heraldic needlework charts that you can print out or download at

If anything there interests you, you can order it directly by clicking on the appropriate Buy Now buttons and pay through PayPal, or print out an order form and go "old school" by ordering through the mail.  We do ship internationally -- postage is a bit higher for shipping outside the U.S., but that's something that's not within my control.

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