Monday, June 7, 2021

Another Coat of Arms Being Used as a Logo

Or is it the other way around? That is, a logo masquerading as a coat of arms?

In either case, I ran across this armorial device wandering about the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark.

This was on one of the windows of Hartmann's, jewelers ( Not all of the tinctures are properly hatched (and that is assuming that any of them are), and I'm not entirely sure what the demi-lion is holding. My best guess at a blazon is: Per fess azure and or, a demi-lion issuant (or?) maintaining a (loop/arc of a scarf?) in its paws (argent?), and a rose (tincture?). Crest: A demi-lion as in the arms.

This heraldry/logo also appears on their website (link in the paragraph above), but is so small as to be very hard to make out. You would do much better with the image above, or the ones below from two other of their windows.

Still, for all the questions that I still have about this particular achievement of arms, it's nice to see a company using heraldry, and splashing all across the face of its building. But then, I like to see heraldry being used. Period.

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