Thursday, May 28, 2020

Well, It's Not A _Blank_ Shield, Anyway

So, what to do to follow-up on my last post, which was of a number of blank shields and shield shapes that I saw in Antwerp?

How about something that isn't heraldry but that is still on a shield shape?

Here's a nice round-bottom shield advertising vranken verzekeringen, or Vranken Insurance.

Or how about this one, which is less a shield than it is simply a barrel helm or great helm affronty? (Though such helms generally had the holes to allow for better breathing only on the wearer's right side for greater protection in the joust. See, e.g., this reproduction mid-14th Century great helm at

This shield/helm is advertising Cornet Oaked Ale, which is stated here to be made as "Strong . Blond . [or] Belgian."

So, not heraldry, but not blank shields either. I will leave it for you to decide whether or not these are an improvement over a blank shield or cartouche.

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