Monday, May 11, 2020

A Variant of the Civic Arms of Antwerp, Belgium

So, having looked in my last post at an array of images of the arms of the city of Antwerp, this time we're going to see a variant depiction of those arms, ones in which the hands are not merely in chief, but are placed upon flags or banners above the city walls.

As always, you can click on an image to see a larger, and thus more detailed, version.

In this image, there are two four-lobed windows side-by-side on the left with the arms of Antwerp, but in each there are two banner poles issuant from the central tower bearing flags or on each of which is a hand couped gules:

The center of this window has the same depiction:

As does the left-hand window here, but here the flag poles are argent:

And finally, the arms at the peak of the window are similar, but the banner poles and flags are both argent instead of or.

All of these photographs were taken in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. Clearly, we will be revisiting these windows to discuss some of the other coats of arms depicted in them.

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