Thursday, August 6, 2015

You've (Sometimes) Got to Love Modern Technology!

So I was continuing my reading in Heralds and Heraldry in Shakespeare’s England, ed. by Nigel Ramsay (for more information on this book, see my post of December 25, 2014 at, specifically Chapter 12,  ‘Heraldry and Alternate Emblematic Forms in the Age of Shakespeare’, by Alan R. Young.  It's an interesting article, and speaks a little about badges and more about impresse, emblems or devices which were adopted and used somewhat coats of arms, but rather than being hereditary were often devised for a specific event.

The article has numerous footnotes, and I thought to myself, "Some of those books sound interesting!  I wonder if I can find any of them scanned and uploaded on the internet?"  Well, I looked, and now my reading list has increased by a fair bit.  How cool is that?  We live in an age where you can see a book referenced in an article, go on-line, and find and download that book to your computer or electronic reader, all from the comfort of your own home/desk/couch.  Sometimes, you've just got to love all this modern technology!

Since I believe that I might not be the only person interested in acquiring digital copies of these books, I share here with you their titles and the links where I found them, and from where you can read  and/or download them yourselves in a number of digital formats.


The Art of Making Devises by Henry Estienne, translated into English by Thomas Blount, 1646 (the link is to the 1648 edition)
Historic Devices, Badges, and War-cries by Mrs. Bury Palliser, 1820 (link is to the 1870 edition)
Minerva Britanna by Henry Peacham, 1612
Heraldic Badges by A.C. Fox-Davies, 1907
Devises Héroiques by Claude Paradin, 1557 (link is to the 1614 edition)
Dialogo dell’imprese militari et amorose by Paolo Giovio, 1555 (link to the 1574 edition)

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