Monday, February 23, 2015

The Littleton Shields in Temple Church, Part The Last

We now continue our counter-clockwise journey around the Littleton monument in the floor of Temple Church with the last seven of the small brass shields up the right-hand side.

22. _____ a chevron between three roundels (annulets?) _____. (Unidentified.  There is more than a page of entries in Papworth's Ordinary of British Armorials for this pattern.)

23. Quarterly _____ and _____ a bend _____. (Unidentified.  Again, without knowing the tinctures or having more genealogical knowledge of the families involved, too many to choose from for identification of this shield.)

24. Paly of six _____ and _____ on a fess _____ three mullets _____. (Unidentified.  There are nine entries for this pattern in Papworth, but once again, without knowing the tinctures ....)

25. Quarterly per fess indented _____ and _____ (or, Per fess indented and per pale _____ and _____). (Unidentified.)

 26. _____ three escallops _____. (Unidentified.  There is a whole page of "three escallops" in Papworth.)

27. _____ three cinquefoils _____. (Unidentified. There are even more "three cinquefoils" than "three escallops" in Papworth.  Too many to choose from without knowing the tinctures.)

28. Barry of eight or and gules. (Poyntz) (Too many to choose from in Papworth, but in this case I had additional information.  Philip Kerr, Rouge Croix Pursuivant, noted that the shields on the right side of the monument relate to the family of Sir Adam Littleton’s wife, Ethelreda, daughter and heiress of Thomas Poyntz. (Monumental Brass Society, Bulletin 126, June 2014, p. 506) A quick search in Burke's General Armory for Poyntz led to the correct blazon.)

And with that, we have finished our review of the Littleton monument in the floor of Temple Church in London, a monument which has been described (not by me!) as "a vainglorious display of arms.”  (London: The City Churches, Simon Bradley and Nikolaus Pevsner, 1998, p. 136)

I hope that you've enjoyed this visit to this wonderful monument to members of the Littleton family.

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