Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Littleton Shields in Temple Church, Part 4

Having gone through the shields down the left-hand side of the Littleton monument in Temple Church, we're going to continue our journey by crossing over the bottom and making our way up the right-hand side. 

Basically, we're just going around the monument in a counter-clockwise fashion. So the first shield here, number 15, is the one just above and to the right of the roundel with the skull and crossbones, above.

15. _____ an eagle displayed _____. (Unidentified.  Again, without hatching or more genealogical information, deciding which of the many eagles there are in Papworth's Ordinary is a nearly impossible task.)

16. Either Checky or and gules a chevron azure (Botterell/Bottrell), or Checky or and azure a chevron gules (De Manes/Mayroll/ Redborne).

17. _____ three bends _____ (bendy _____ and _____?) on a chief _____ three increscents _____. (Unidentified.  Surprisingly, I found no examples - under either potential blazon - in Papworth.)

 18. Either Argent a chevron between three lozenges ermines Shaa/Shaw, or Sable a chevron between three lozenges ermine (Shaw).

19. _____ on a bend _____ three mascles _____. (Unidentified.  There are eight entries for this pattern in Papworth.  Without knowing the tinctures - please, people, is engraving proper heraldic hatching really all that difficult? - there was no way to decide to which surname this shield belongs.)

20. _____ billety _____ a fess dancetty _____. (_____ a fess dancetty between ten billets _____?) (Unidentfied.)

21. Per pale _____ and _____ all goutty _____ (counterchanged?). (Unidentified.  Papworth does give an entry for Grindoure, Per pale or and vert twelve gouttes in pale counterchanged four four and four. But as there are only eight gouttes here, and in a different arrangement, I think Grindoure is unlikely.

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