Monday, February 16, 2015

The Littleton Shields in Temple Church, Part 3

Continuing our review of the brass shields down the left-hand side of the Littleton monument in Temple Church, we look at shields 8 through 14.

8. _____ a lion rampant overall a fess counter-compony _____ and _____. (Unidentified.  Papworth's Ordinary puts "lion and overall..." in the same section as "lion."  Unsurprisingly, there are pages and pages of "Lion." I chose to not go through all of them trying to track down this one coat of arms.)

9. Barry of six _____ and _____ on a bend _____ three mullets _____. (Unidentified.  this is another case where heraldic hatching would help; there are 2½ pages of entries of this pattern in Papworth.)

10. _____ two chevrons _____. (Unidentified.  There are two pages of "two chevrons" in Papworth.)

11. Argent three toads erect sable. (Botreaux, of Cokermouth, co. Cumberland)

12. Either Argent a griffin segreant azure (Botreaux), or Argent a griffin segreant gules armed azure (Botreux, in Cornwall). I'm willing to bet that it is more likely the former, but without hatching, or more genealogical information, I'm not willing to choose it over the other.

13. Checky or and gules a bend vair. (Botreaux/Botereux/ Botreux)

 14. _____ a bird close in chief a label _____. (Unidentified. Again way too many possibilities in Papworth to be able to choose just one as being likely.)

Next time, we'll start on the shields going down the right-hand side of the Littleton memorial.

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