Monday, May 12, 2014

A Cool Heraldic Internet Find

Puttering about the internet as I sometimes get to do (less frequently lately than usual, for some reason), I ran across a short article (with lots of photographs) of a reproduction Martin Jahn made of the Quedlinburger Wappenkästchen, or "armorial box."  (The coats of arms on the reproduction appear to be in a different arrangement than those on the original.)

The original is a small lock box of Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV in the Church of Quedlinburg, Germany. It is dated 1209, and has 33 coat of arms painted on it.  A paper (in German) by Nathalie Kruppa of Göttingen describes the box, its history, and the coats of arms painted upon it, can be found at,cma,004,2001,a,06.pdf  Another review of the casket by Steen Clemmensen, with a couple of photographs of it, can be found

The photographs and details of the reproduction are well worth taking a look at, and can be found on-line at  It's a beautiful piece of heraldic work.

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  1. Some cool heraldic boxes I saw on this Serbian site: