Thursday, October 31, 2013

I've Been Flattered Again!

I was flattered to find in the most recent issue of The Coat of Arms (Third Series, Vol. VIII Part 2, No. 224, Autumn 2012, pp. 139-140), the bi-annual heraldic journal published by The Heraldry Society a listing in the back under "Websites and webpages" that this blog, along with a number of others (most of which can also be found under "Other Blogs of Heraldic Interest" in the left-hand column here), has been listed.

As an introductory note to that listing, the author notes that:

The 2009 survey of internet heraldry in this journal by Jack Carlson (CoA 3rd ser. 5 (2009), no. 218, pp. 81-92) included a section on heraldic blogs and blogs with heraldic content.  Since blogging can be even more ephemeral than other aspects of the internet, it may be of use to have, by way of an update, a short and no doubt incomplete list of blogs with substantial heraldic content known to be operating in 2012.

It's nice for my little blog here to be included in with the great heraldic blogs listed there.  (I'll go double-check that list against the blogs listed here, and if I've missed any, I'll add them!)

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