Monday, October 28, 2013

A New Website of Interest

This one is called "De Gouden Leeuw van Nassau," in English, "The Golden Lion of Nassau"  In brief, it's an on-line book in Dutch of the arms of the royal family from Engelbert I (1375-1442) through some of the most recent descendants (the very most recent born in 2007), so covering a period of nearly 700 years.

It's actually kind of a cool work, and of course there's lots (and lots!) of drawings of coats of arms.

If you have an interest at all in Dutch royal heraldry, or even just like looking a lots of drawings of any kind of heraldry, drop by this website and see what the author has to show you.

(If you want to find it again later - assuming you didn't save the link - I've added it to the "Websites of Heraldic Interest" list in the left-hand column here.)

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