Monday, May 6, 2013

An Overdue Follow-Up

This is a little overdue, but I didn't see the follow-up to my earlier post until very recently.

I had blogged about the inmates at a correctional institution who had made the cow on the Vermont coat of arms decal to be placed on state police cruisers into a spotted cow; specifically, one with a spot shaped like a pig.  That post can be found at

Now I've run across a news story from shortly after that which noted that the police were closing the case.

State officials said female inmates at the prison work center in Windsor are responsible for altering the state seal back in November 2009, putting pigs on the side of Vermont state police cruisers, but exactly who did it may remain a mystery.  "At this point all we can tell is how many women had access to the file, and who they were," Corrections Commissioner Andy Pallito said. "Really being able to tell who manipulated the file last is virtually impossible without somebody stepping forward and saying I did it."

The story noted that one group was hoping to keep the image alive. They've created a Facebook page called "Save the Vermont Pigs," and had upwards of 1,000 fans.  "It is a really good opportunity for us to band together as Vermonters and show that we can have a laugh in a little bit of an awkward situation, and it is certainly not the first time we have done that," says Cid Sinclair with Save the Vermont Pigs.  Sinclair said this was prank could be used to do some good. He would like to see the decals auctioned off-- an idea that has the support of Lt. Governor Phil Scott.

There's a bit more in the story, of course, along with some pictures of the decals and a close-up of the offending pig spot.  You can read the whole thing on-line at

I have to admit, I'd be tempted to buy one of those decals myself!

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