Monday, December 17, 2012

Heraldry in Maastricht, Part Fourteen

Next door to the Museum aan het Vrijthof (the red building just barely showing on the right in the photograph below, and which I discussed in my last post) is a white brick building housing the GE Artesia Bank.

What is really cool about this building is that across the front (above),

down the side (above),

and across the back (above) is a row of some sixteen coats of arms (one is a duplicate; two of the arms, one on the front and one on the back, are the arms of the City of Maastricht), each set into the wall on a concrete (I believe) square.

Each coat of arms is painted as well as hatched.  They are, in order from right to left, beginning on the front of the building, going down the side, and then across the back:

The City of Maastricht

The City of Rotterdam

The City of Amsterdam

 The Province of North Holland

 The Province of Friesland

 The Province of Grongingen

 The Province of Overijssel

The Province of Drenthe

 The Province of South Holland

 The Kingdom of The Netherlands

 The Province of Zeeland

 The Province of North Brabant

 The City of Maastricht (again)

 The Province of Limburg

 The Province of Gelderland

  The Province of Utrecht

Isn't that all a great display of heraldry?


  1. Yes it is. It's very courious that each coat of arms is painted as well as hatched with the Silvestro Pectra Santa method.

  2. Hi, Xavi! Yes, I found that interesting as well. Perhaps they are prepared for the day when the paint has weathered away and they don't have the money to repaint and restore them? Or perhaps it was just a way to make sure the painters got the right colors when painting them? I have no way of knowing, of course, but I do find it an unusual feature of these arms.