Monday, July 9, 2012

Heraldry at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant

There was also a fair bit of personal and non-royal heraldry on display during the Queen’s Thames Jubilee Pageant.  Much of it was hard to catch on camera, or at least capture identifiably, but here are two shots of two different banners/flags (in addition to the white on maroon one which all of the ships flew as the emblem of the Thames Pageant, a front view of a ship with masts and sails arranged to look like a crown), one a banner of arms, and the other a flag containing an entire achievement of arms.

All in all, the Jubilee was a tremendous display of heraldry!


  1. David, what is the achievement flying on the white flag. The arms appear to be Azure, between three "what?" a chevron Argent.

  2. I'm not certain; part of the trouble with identification is how blurry the image becomes when enlarged. I suspect that it is civic arms (city, borough, county, etc., though I was unable to find any arms that matched in an ordinary of English civic armory I have), or one of the livery companies (though in a quick review of the arms of livery companies that I have access to, I didn't see anything that close), or it might possibly be the achievement of a peer (because of the supporters). If I can get some more time for research later this week, I'll try looking again to see if I can identify the arms here.