Monday, December 26, 2011

They're Number One! They're Number One!

"Trump meets his match as Lyon takes up arms against him"

In an article at, dated November 25, 2011, author Susan Morrison notes that:

Sporty people, by the way, are always moaning about our showing in sporty things, and yet we are premier first division, world-beating, international league table-topping champions, crushing all comers, when it comes to Heraldry.

Oh yes. When it comes to what to put on your shield as you go into battle, we, the Scots, are the people to beat.
She goes on to observe that when The Donald, as Donald Trump is not always affectionately referred to over here, tried to erect his unregistered coat of arms in Scotland, he ran afoul of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, who told him he had to take it down (at the very least, until it is registered!).  Susan ends with the comment:

And, I am proud to say, Lord Lyon Of Scotland : 1, loud-mouthed Yank: Nil. Go, team Lyon!
 The complete article can be found on-line at:

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