Monday, June 6, 2011

Yeah, What He Said!

In the recent run-up to the recent Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton and all of the articles that appeared about her family's new grant of a coat of arm, fellow blogger Kimon Andreou over on his blog IDTG ("on heraldry, genealogy, history and other things") had an informative post on April 21, 2011 entitled "Is it snobbish to have a Coat of Arms?"  (The short answer: No.)

I remark upon it because he makes a very good point about the use of heraldry in places other than Great Britain.  (Well, actually, he makes several very good points.)  I could repeat a lot of what he says, but to what purpose?  I've often tried to say the same things, both here in this blog and in some of my lectures to genealogy and lineage societies, the only difference being that I may arrange the words differently, or substitute synonyms in some instances.  That being the case, you might as well just go ahead on over to Kimon's blog and read it there.  You can find his post on the web at:

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