Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heraldry? in the News

The powers that be who are pushing for HTML5 have created a new logo for the "brand".  At least some of them seem to be of the opinion (shared by a few bucket shops I know of, among others) that, if you put it on a shield shape, it's a coat of arms.  Or a crest.  Or a badge.  Or something like that.

"Simultaneously a badge of honor and a coat of arms, this crest represents the spirit and substance of the open web platform and the forward thinking community making it a reality."

Reminds me a bit of some of the alleged "meanings" that you can sometimes find supposedly given to the various tinctures and charges in heraldry.  Most of which are completely made up.

Anyway, this announcement of a "New logo launched for HTML5" was made today, January 18, 2011.  A more complete version of this announcement can be found on-line at: http://www.thedrum.co.uk/news/2011/01/18/17740-new-logo-launched-for-html5/

And, for the truly brave, there is an entire website dedicated to the new logo, at: http://www.w3.org/html/logo/

It stands strong and true, resilient and universal as the markup you write. It shines as bright and as bold as the forward-thinking, dedicated web developers you are. It's the standard's standard, a pennant for progress. And it certainly doesn't use tables for layout.

We present an HTML5 logo.
So it's a logo, it's a badge, it's a coat of arms, it's a crest, it's a standard, and it's a pennant.  Wow.  I knew that heraldry could be versatile, but this exceeds even my apparently limited knowledge.  Of course, I might be more impressed if it were really heraldry.  But it isn't, so I'm not.

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