Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trump Arms Apparently Trumped

Alas, the arms of the on-line business school Trump University no longer appear on Trump University website ( This is what they used to look like:

It may be that, between Doonesbury making fun of the arms (below) and the troubles The Donald has had getting his big golf resort going in Scotland (with it’s own "coat of arms" – which the Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms informed him he could not just use in Scotland!), it was decided that the TU coat of arms was just a little bit too pretentious. Or too big of a target.

In any case, all that appears as a logo now is a gold rampant lion. Adieu, fake coat of arms, adieu. Mayhaps you have gone on to a better place.
Not that I’m certain that an heraldic lion, even without the shield, is all that much of an improvement over the faux coat of arms. But what do I know?

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