Thursday, January 28, 2021

More Heraldry, Less Information

Yeah, I know. The title of this blog is ripped off from an old light beer commercial, "More taste. Less filling."

Still, in some ways it fits, as I've not found very much information about the people in the next two memorials in St. Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent, Belgium.

The first of these memorials if for Cornelius Pierin (died 1668), Canon of the Chapter. I’ve not been able to find but the barest references to Canon Pierin.

Alas, with so little information about him, I have also been unable to determine the tinctures of his coat of arms, which I can only blazon as: A fess between a trefoil slipped and a chevron.

The other memorial for this post is that of Philip Sylvio, who died in 1628 at age 57, a Canon of the Chapter for 28 years. I have not been able to find other information on him, either.

His arms, too, lack tinctures. The best I can do is to blazon them as: Quarterly: 1 and 4, Per bend; 2 and 3, A saltire raguly.

I've searched pretty thoroughly for both of these coats of arms, in Riestap's Armorial Général and my "go to" book for Belgian heraldry, the Wapenboek van de Belgische Adel, a very thick book I was fortunate to find and purchase (and haul home; I swear, I think it doubled the weight of my hand luggage when we flew back) when we visited Belgium several years ago, with no results.

Nonetheless, these men were both Canons of the Chapter of the Cathedral, clearly worth memorializing there, and each has an interesting coat of arms with unusual or rare features, which I thought were worth sharing with you.

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