Monday, April 13, 2020

An Heraldic Logo

Of course, not all the heraldry you might see in Heidelberg, Germany, is historic. Some of it, in fact, is just advertising.

Here we have, on a sign for Heidelberg Castle, a coat of arms for a brewer Palmbräu Beer. The motto below the name can be translated as "Pride of the people of Kraichgau", Kraichgau being a hilly region in Baden-Württemberg.

Nearby, I ran across another, less "in your face" advertisement for Palmbräu over a doorway on the exterior of a building (presumably a tavern!):

Though there are those in the heraldic world who look down on the use of heraldry in advertising products, to me it's just another way that heraldry can be and has been adapted for wider use out "in the world"; "feral" heraldry, if you like. And most of the time, I do like.

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