Monday, April 20, 2020

An Armorial Memorial in Holy Spirit Church

Winding down our delayed review of some of the heraldry that I encountered in Heidelberg, Germany, we come to this armorial memorial inside the Heiliggeistkirche, the Holy Spirit Church.

This is the memorial of Johann Christoph Sebastian von Hegele. He was a Catholic parish priest and dean in Heidelberg. He was a doctor of theology and a trusted adviser to the elector in church affairs, who died on February 23, 1735, a victim of the typhus epidemic which was then rampant in Heidelberg.

Rietstap gives us the following in his Armorial Général: Hegele – Palatinat (Barons, 24 Oct 1726). Ecusson, Aux 1 et 4 de sable au lion d’or, couronné du même; aux 2 et 3 de gueules à une autruche de sable, tenant en son bec un fer-à-cheval du même et posée sur un tertre de trois coupeaux de sinople; sue le tout d’azur à trois étoiles d’argent.

That blazon in English would be: Quarterly: 1 and 4, Sable a lion rampant crowned or; 2 and 3,  Gules an ostrich holding in its beak a horseshoe sable atop a mount of three hills vert; overall an inescutcheon Azure three estoiles argent.

The two Hegele crests are missing from this memorial: A demi-lion contourny crowned or, and An ostrich holding in its beak a horseshoe sable.

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