Thursday, April 5, 2018

More Heraldic Display in the Chapel

But the ceiling of the chapel at Mount Stuart (reviewed in my last post) isn't the only heraldic display there. Around the edge of the the gallery at the base of the "dome" of the chapel were a number of shields and supporters.

The red color tinting the white marble interior was from the sun shortly before sunset shining in through the stained glass windows on the western side of the chapel.

The coats of arms were left in their semi-finished state after the death of the 3rd Marquess on October 9, 1900, owing mostly the expense of continuing the work. (You've been able to see over the last several posts the quantity and quality of some of the work that was put into the house, but that quantity and quality came with a heavy price tag, and it couldn't be kept up forever.)

The arms are the quartered arms of Crichton-Stuart, Quarterly: 1 and 2, Or a fess checky argent and azure within a double-tressure flory counterflory gules (Stuart); 2 and 3, Argent a lion rampant azure (Crichton), with the horse and stag supporters.

Just imagine what they all would have looked like together with all of the tinctures of the arms painted in!

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