Thursday, April 26, 2018

Another Court Case Involving Heraldry

A verdict has finally been reached in a court case in Belgium where master woodcarver Patrick Damiaens had sued store chain Zara Home for breach of copyright, when the chain began selling candles with a design which he said had been stolen from him.

Zara Home claimed that the similarity was a coincidence (though they did pull the candles from sale).

Take a look and see if you think that the similarity was "a coincidence" or not. The Zara Home candle is on the left; Mr. Damiaens' carving is on the right.

Yeah, the court didn't buy that argument, either, and ordered Zara Home to pay damages and legal costs, and to publish the decision in Heraldisch Tijdshrift, a Dutch magazine focused on heraldic art.

More details about the court case, as well as a link to an earlier story about this design theft, can be found on the website of FlandersToday at

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