Monday, May 9, 2016

Lost and Found Heraldry

There's a fascinating blog post about the discovery and excavation in Kubán, Russia of a Messerschmitt 109 from WWII. The pilot has been identified as Lieutenant Adolf von Gordon, who failed to return from a mission on April 20, 1943. Found with his remains in the fighter plane was a signet ring with his family's coat of arms engraved into it.

The post also includes a color painting of the arms.

The men who excavated the Me-109G-4 are looking for relatives of the pilot in order to return the ring to the family.

You can see the whole post (in Russian) and look at all of the pictures of the discovery and excavation of the Me-109 on-line at

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  1. Dear Mr Appleton

    Being interested in this type of detective work as a hobby and finding myself with a bit of free time, I decided to try and research the name 'von Gordon'. I found that there are several von Gordons buried in the Friedhof-Wannsee II - Lindenstrasse (Berlin) memorials as per the link below.

    I would assume that the Dr Adolf von Gordon could be the grandfather of Lt Adolf von Gordon and that the Hans von Gordon could be his father. It may be that the Elsa von Gordon von Jagow could be his mother. You'll be aware that the von Jagow family is old Prussian nobility.

    It may well be that some of von Gordon's family still live in Berlin. One hopes that they haven't died out!

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards, Susan Sykes