Monday, September 22, 2014

Norway, Part Three - A Bit of German Heraldry

Of course, whenever you go looking for heraldry, you are likely to find some, even - or sometimes especially - when what you see is totally unexpected.

While we were visiting Oslo for the Congress, the city had another visitor, the FGS Bayern, a German Type 123 Brandenburg class Frigate.

And though its lower hull was partially blocked by cargo containers and whatnot, I managed to find the arms of Bavaria which mark this ship.

And here's what the arms would look like if there weren't a cargo container in the way, taken from the website at

Don't be confused because the placement of the arms in relation to the gun turret looks "off" in the photo above compared to those on the Seaforces website; in the picture above they had the gun turret rotated to face aft while they were working on it.

It was a neat thing to see, combining two of my loves as it did -- heraldry and naval ships.

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