Thursday, September 11, 2014

Article on U.S. Military Insignia

There was a recent (August 20, 2014) article entitled “Military customs, traditions inspire unit cohesion” published in The Redstone Rocket, a periodical “published in the interest of personnel at Redstone Arsenal, AL” [Alabama], that briefly discusses how the use of unit insignia in the U.S. military helps to build esprit de corps, as well as giving a few examples of such insignia (mind you, the examples shown in the article, and copied immediately below, are not especially heraldic) and unit mottos.  Mention is also made of The Institute of Heraldry, the closest thing the United States has to an heraldic authority.

Albeit brief, it’s a nice little article, and can be found on-line at the website of The Redstone Rocket at

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