Thursday, July 10, 2014

Herald in the News!

Or, at least, news about a herald.

Upon the recent retirement on June 30 of Henry Paston-Bedingfield (whom I have had the privilege over the years of meeting and hearing speak a couple of times) as Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, the College of Arms in London has announced the appointment of Timothy Hugh Stewart Duke to that office.  Mr. Duke was appointed Rouge Dragon Pursuivant on January 26, 1989, and has been Chester Herald since August 7, 1995.

More information on this appointment can be found on the website of the College of Arms at

According to the College’s website, there are now three vacancies among the officers of arms in ordinary: Chester Herald, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, and Bluemantle Pursuivant.

I wonder what my chances would be if I expressed an interest in any of these offices?  I mean, really, traffic and the daily commute couldn’t be much worse in London than it is here in Dallas, could it?  And the public transportation system is so much better there than here.  Hmmm….


  1. And Da'ud ibn Auda would fit right in.

  2. Wrong on traffic and the commute, David. According to business associates in England, if you live close enough to get into London, the cost is prohibitive (one of the costliest places to live internationally), but the traffic is horrid. Yes, they do have the Tube, but again, first-person reports of that system during rush hour are dire. See if you can telecommute!

  3. So, I probably couldn't afford to live in London on a pursuivant's salary of £13.95? Well, shoot! I guess I'll have to go back to my usual "Plan B" of trying to win the lottery, then.