Monday, December 16, 2013

They Paid How Much?

Well, it seems to me that I am definitely in the wrong business.  I mean, I enjoy what I do and all with heraldry, but it doesn't really even begin to cover what my heraldry books alone cost me.  So when I read this story that a reader of this blog had forwarded to me, I immediately came to the conclusion that I'm not doing it right, or at least not as remuneratively as I could.

It seems that the University of New Hampshire, like so many other educational institutions these days, decided that they needed a new logo with which to brand themselves.  Gotta keep up with the times, don't you know?  And, like to many other educational institutions, apparently they wanted something that reminded them of heraldry.

But instead of talking to anyone who knew about heraldry (and the American College of Heraldry, as only one example, still only charges $325 to help design and register - with the American College of Healdry - a coat of arms), they instead decided to go to a New York City design firm to get their new logo.  And they ended up with this.

And what did they pay for this logo?  US$65,000.00.

So, as I say, I seem to be in the wrong business.  I would have been happy to design them something more appropriately heraldic for a couple of thousand dollars, and would have considered myself more than justly compensated for the trouble.  But, really, $65,000?  Wow.  Just, wow.

And, of course, not everyone is happy that it's on a shield shape.  Allison Wood, a sophomore at UNH, is quoted as saying that, "I don't know why they went with a shield. It's got an older look to it."  And Jess Snowdon, another sophomore, said: "It looks a little old-fashioned."  Maybe the University should consider a freshman course in "The Timelessness of Heraldry and Heraldic Design" or something similar, because their sophomores don't seem to understand the difference between classic design and something that is "old-fashioned."  (Or maybe it's me that's old-fashioned.  No, that couldn't be it.  At all.)

Anyway, if you'd like to read the article, it is quoted in part on the blog College Insurrection at or can be read in its entirety on the website of the New Hampshire Union Leader at

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  1. One has to consider that the design firm may have been handling the rebranding to include brochures, programs, booklets, apparel, and promotional materials. That can add up, especially if you include printing.

    Still doesnt excuse the design, but adds some justification to the price tag.