Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fun With Heraldry

It's always interesting to see people having some fun with heraldry.  I had run across an article a little while ago about Swatch CEO Nick Hayek and his vision for Swiss manufacturing.  (Basically, he'd like for commercial items to have at least 60% of the their parts and construction to be in Switzerland before having a "Made in Switzerland" label stamped on them.  "We show that Swiss Made has a value," Hayek says.  Not the most gripping of news stories, I know.)

But accompanying the Annual Report on which the article was based, and included in the article itself, were some humorous versions of the arms of the Swiss cantons.  For example, here's the one for Bern:

Which is, of course, a humorous take-off on the actual arms of Bern (just left of center in this postcard):

Or as shown in this, also humorous but in a different way, version from another old postcard:

I can't reproduce all of the arms here, but you can certainly go see them for yourself over at the website, at

If you enjoy heraldic humor, you'll find them well worth the look!

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