Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, CHA!

The Canadian Heraldic Authority turned 25 years old this month.  And Canada Post/Postes Canada is celebrating that milestone by issuing a stamp which features the arms and crest of the Authority, and which can be purchased with a special commemorative envelope with the full achievement of arms (with the raven-bear supporters) of the CHA.

It's nice to see a celebration of Canadian heraldic art in this way.

More information, as well as the opportunity to buy one (or more) of these envelopes for yourself, can be found on Canada Post's website at;CPO_JSESSIONID=8ycXRyQHwDQW112d4gyTccGlLyGbVSqxDC9TCwSfySd6symVwvZG!-2067945754?execution=e1s1

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