Thursday, September 20, 2012

Heraldry in the News!

A September 8, 2012 article on the website of the newspaper the Reading Eagle of Reading, Pennsylvania, takes a look at, as the title notes, the "Municipal logos, seals and coats of arms in Berks County: Plain or fancy, all speak to something unique."

It's a nice, albeit brief, review of the logos -- heraldic and otherwise -- of some of the cities and towns in Berks County, Pennsylvania, with photographs of some of them, including this one, which describes the various parts of the achievement of arms of the City of Reading.

A lot of time and space (and pictures) of the article is spent on the symbol of the Township of Cumru, which has, of course, adopted the premier emblem of its namesake, Cymru (Wales), the dragon passant gules from the Welsh flag.  The township uses the dragon everywhere as part of its  branding; township staff often joke that if something moves, they'll slap a red dragon on it!

In any case, all in all it's a decent article about the heraldry (and other symbols) used in a county in Pennsylvania.  You can read the full article on-line at:

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