Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Logo Adopted

The city of Duncan, British Columbia, after six whole weeks of public input and ideas, has decided to adopt a logo – pardon me, a “bold new brand” – to “complement” the use of its coat of arms. Which arms, I feel it incumbent for me to point out, were designed by former resident Sir Conrad Swan, quondam Garter King of Arms of the College of Heralds in London.

According to Councillor Michelle Staples, head of Duncan’s tourism committee, “the brand illustrates — with a touch of artistic motion — city symbols such as the Cowichan River, Native heritage, and city hall's historic spire tower” over Duncan's name.

Sigh.  They have a perfectly good coat of arms with which they can "brand" themselves. Why they felt the need to supplement it, with something chosen following only six weeks of public input, is, I'm afraid, a bit beyond me. I guess I must be a stick-in-the-mud reactionary. Or maybe not.

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