Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heraldry in Florence, Part Twelve

(Part Twelve?!?  Did I mention that there was a lot of heraldy to be found in Florence?)

In our perambulations (now that's a word I don't get to use very often in my everyday conversation!) about the city, I did notice that the de' Medici were not the only family to have their coat of arms "borrowed" and used as a logo.  (For the commercial use of the de' Medici arms, please see my post of January 17, 2001 (Heraldry in Florence, Part Five.)  Oh, no.  Other important families had their heraldry used to sell stuff to the tourists.

In this example, we have the arms of Peruzzi. I noted a very nice example of these canting arms ("pear" in Italian is pera) on the facade of the Duomo in my next-to-last post, being used by the Peruzzi brothers (in Italian, the fratelli Peruzzi) at their restaurant.

At least in this case, unlike the commercial uses I saw of the de' Medici coat, they're claiming to be related to the original owner(s) of the arms.

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