Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heraldry in Florence, Part Sixteen

Some of the renditions of coats of arms seen about the city of Florence are older than others. This one, inset into a wall and rather weathered, is one of those.

The arms are those of Frescobaldi, Gules three chessrooks argent and a chief or. (Yes, I know that it looks rather like it might be Per fess, in base three chessrooks argent, but in other renditions of the same arms in some of the armorials I checked show it clearly as a chief.)

But what a great achievement of arms to have seen, and one of the few I ran across with both a crest and a supporter.


  1. Se parecen, de alguna manera, a unas armerias que en el Blog de Heráldica de Don José Juan Carrión Rangel despertaron mucho interes.

  2. Yes, they do remind me of some of Don José's work. (For those who have not seen his work, there is a link to the Blog de Heráldica in the left-hand column under "Other Blogs of Interest".