Monday, January 25, 2010

There's No Such Thing As Bad Publicity

But good publicity is even better!

I was reading through the most recent Coat of Arms, the twice yearly journal of the Heraldry Society of England, entitled "Internet Heraldry" by Jack Carlson. In one section the author was noting some of the blogs about heraldry that can be found on the net, and said:
Other one-man heraldry blogs include David Appleton's Heraldry, [and three others]. The first of these is a valuable resource: Mr. Appleton dredges a range of mainstream news sources and posts all stories relevant to heraldry on his blog. Like [Martin Goldstraw's Cheshire Heraldry Web Journal], this one also includes many posts which have no rhyme or reason to when they are posted beyond what the blogger is reading or researching at the time; these posts (and blogs) are nevertheless valuable and are part of the territory.
Guilty as charged, Your Honor.  This blog does "include many posts which have no rhyme or reason to when they are posted beyond what [I am] reading or researching at the time."  Or stuff I happen to see, or run across, that I think might be of interest to you, my readers.  And I have been able to post at least twice a week, so there's regularly something new up here.

What tickles me the most, though, I think is that the author of the article finds this blog to be "a valuable resource."  That this blog would be able to serve as a resource for heralds and heraldists around the globe was one of my primary goals when I started posting.  And here, just over a year since beginning this blog, someone (besides me) thinks that this goal has been achieved.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.


  1. Congratulations! I was wondering if you could post information regarding the joining the Heraldry Society...

  2. All of the basic information about joining the Heraldry Society, as well as the benefits of membership, can be found on their website at There is an application form that you can print out and mail in, or you can join on-line and pay the yearly membership fee through PayPal.