Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Website of Armorials

In an article in the latest edition of The Coat of Arms, the twice-a-year journal of the Heraldry Society of England, there's an article about William Jenyns' Ordinary that, among other things, gave a website where a text version of Jenyns' Ordinary can be found.  I've gone out to the website Medieval Armorials and found it to be a great resource for armorials and ordinaries which looks like it will continue to be added to, and so I thought I would pass along the link to you (as well as including it in the links list down the left-hand side of this blog page).  The URL is 

The website also has links to armorials, ordinaries, and heraldic authorities and societies around the world.  It appears to be a great heraldic resource, and I expect to be visiting it myself on a regular basis in the future.  (I've already added it to my internet browser's "Favorites".)

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