Friday, January 1, 2010

And a Happy New Heraldry Book, err, Year!

The latest edition of the College of Arms Newsletter (No. 23, December 2009) announces the publication of the third volume of the projected four-volume work Dictionary of British Arms – Medieval Ordinary (the "new Papworth", as it has been dubbed, has already had the first two volumes published. This volume covers arms whose descriptions fall between cross and fess, and includes the period from the beginnings of heraldry in the twelfth century to 1530, when the Heralds' Visitations began. The book can be purchased in the U.S. from the distributor David Brown Book Company in Connecticut (it says pre-order on their website) for $190.00 (plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  At least, that's what it said when I ordered my copy last night) at  It's also available in the UK from Oxbow Books for £95.00.  (Oxbow Books also carries Volumes 1 and 2, at £48.00 and £60.00, respectively.)

If you already have the first two volumes, this third one is pretty much a "must buy" for you, despite the fairly hefty price tag.  For my part, it does mean that I'll have to rearrange my heraldry bookshelves again -- there's no room on the armorials and ordinaries shelf for Volume 3 (or for Volume 4, either, whenever that comes out).  Still, I guess I'll just have to struggle along somehow and figure it out.

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