Monday, July 11, 2022

It's Good to Be the Duke, Part 5

As I wandered out on the streets of Firenze,
As I walked about in old Florence one day,
I spied shields of pure gold with red balls upon ‘em,
The arms of Medici all over my way.

(Adapted from "The Streets of Laredo" by Frank Maynard, and sung by, among others, Johnny Cash. See, e.g.,

Sorry about that! Sometimes I will get a snippet of song in my head, only with new words, and it just won't go away until I get it out of my head and into someone else's. And in this specific instance, that someone else is you. I'm sorry. I should be thoroughly ashamed of myself. I certainly hope I am.

Anyway, today's post is of some of the many (many!) depictions of the arms of the de' Medici family that I came across in our meanderings about central Florence.

Here, with a special emphasis on restaurants and bars using the Medici name and arms, either directly or indirectly, to attract the tourist trade.

Makes you want to rush right in and buy a meal, right?

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