Monday, July 25, 2022

Heraldry in the (Ecclesiastical) News!

A recent (July 22, 2022) article in the Arkansas Catholic, "The Official Newspaper of the Diocese of Little Rock", discusses the coat of arms of Bishop-elect Erik T. Pohlmeier.

In keeping with such ecclesiastical arms, the left side of the shield (dexter) is the arms of the Diocese of St. Augustine, marshalling the right side of the shield (sinister), the personal arms of the Bishop-elect.

The article goes into detail about the meanings of each of the charges and colors on both sides of the shield, as well as the external ornaments. And, unlike those websites and books which purport to give you the alleged meanings of such things (e.g., that red is "the martyr's colour" and also denotes "Military Fortitude and Magnanimity", or that a gold saltire is "Elevation of Mind" (the gold) and "Resolution" (the saltire), here we are told what they mean to Bishop Pohlmeier, who (one would assume) would know better than any third-party book what he means by the selection of charges and colors in his personal arms!

I could go ahead and repeat everything is says about this in the article, but really, isn't it just as easy for you to click the link below and read it first-hand?

Anyway, you can find the article, entitled "Bishop-elect Pohlmeier reveals his episcopal coat of arms", on the website of the Arkansas Catholic at


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